The Milepost Gallery

On the left is a list of the mileposts covered by this site and their location. They are linked to the individual milepost pages which give a brief description of where the post is located and the surrounding area.

These pages contain small, thumbnail images showing the pictures of the milepost. Clicking on the thumbnail will link to a page showing the full-size image.


This site went online on 1st November 2002 and contained all the mileposts from Derwent Mouth and Shardlow (milepost 0) to Barton Turn (milepost 20). This update section shows when I have added the other pictures to the site, or have made any other changes. All mileposts had been added by the end of 2006.

Date Update
February 2017 Addition of old concrete mileposts (Shardlow to Burton)
November 2006 Addition of mileposts 74 to 84 (Rump's Lock to Marbury)
Addition of mileposts 88 to 90 (Bradley Meadow to Dutton)
November 2005 Addition of mileposts 63 to 73 (Red Bull Flight to near Middlewich)
January 2005 Addition of mileposts 46 to 57 (Aston Lock to Etruria)
May 2004 Addition of mileposts 41 to 45 (Weston to Iron Bridge)
February 2004 Addition of mileposts 36 to 40 (Colwich to Ingestre Bridge)
Addition of mileposts 58 to 62 (Middleport to Harecastle Tunnel)
Addition of mileposts 85 to 87 (Anderton to Saltersford)
October 2003 Addition of mileposts 31 to 35 (Ash Tree to Taft Bridge)
Addition of page for the Anderton Boat Lift
Additional images following renovation of Monks Bridge aqueduct (milepost 13)
September 2003 Addition of mileposts 26 to 30 (Fradley Junction to Handsacre)
and 91 & 92 (Preston Brook)
April 2003 Addition of mileposts 21 to 25 (to Fradley Junction)
Change of photographs for mileposts 8 and 20
Some additional information about mileposts 7, 8, 18 and 19
Updates section added
January 2003 Addition of visitor counter
November 2002 Site online
Includes all mileposts from Shardlow to Barton Turn (milepost 20)

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