Milepost 92 ~ Preston Brook

Link to picture of milepost This is an original milepost to mark the end (or, to some, the beginning) of the Trent & Mersey Canal, 92 miles from the inland port of Shardlow. The milepost doesn't stand alongside the canal on the towpath.
Link to ... Instead, it stands above the entrance to the tunnel. The path leads past the milepost and round to the left where it crosses over the tunnel entrance before dropping down to the towpath.
Link to ... The canal here is not the Trent & Mersey, however. Instead, it is the Bridgewater Canal, owned by the Manchester Ship Canal Company. Since its construction marked the beginning of the canal age, the Bridgewater is a story in its own right. For now, it marks a fitting end to the "Mileposts on the Trent & Mersey".
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