Milepost 87 ~ Saltersford Tunnel

Link to picture of milepost This is an original milepost. The most obvious thing about its location is that it doesn't stand alongside the canal. Instead, it stands alongside the horse path that leads over the top whilst the canal passes through Saltersford tunnel.
Link to ... There are no towpaths through the tunnels on the Trent & Mersey (with the exception of the Armitage Tunnel, which is now reduced to a cutting), so the horses were led over the top whilst the boats were "legged" through the tunnel.
Link to ... The land above the eastern end of the tunnel suggests that the tunnel was probably built by digging a cutting, constructing the canal and the tunnel roof, and then infilling the cutting. This method would have been more practical if the land were too unstable to tunnel directly (which the need to tunnel rather than follow the edge of the valley suggests).