Milepost 76 ~ nr Croxton Aqueduct

Link to picture of milepost This is an original milepost found to the south of Croxton Aqueduct. The aqueduct was originally built to permit wide-beamed craft across but was replaced some years ago with a narrow version.
Link to side view of milepost The narrowness of the aqueduct make the size of Big Lock at Middlewich, the first of the wide-beamed locks at this end of the canal, somewhat redundant.
Link to view south-east Big Lock is the last lock at this end of the canal with the exception of the stop lock at Dutton.
Link to view north-west The canal becomes very quiet and rural as it heads towards Northwich. North of here is one of the wide flashes that mark this section of canal. They are caused by subsidence due to the salt workings for which this area was famous.