Milepost 2 ~ Aston on Trent

Link to picture of milepost Like mileposts 0, 3 and 4, this one differs from the rest of the originals in the shape of the plate that carries the initials of the company that cast them. On this post, there is a square plate bearing the initials R&D. Compare this with the shape of the plate on milepost 1.
Link to view east Like milepost 1, this is another post that is quite isolated. It is situated between Aston lock and Weston lock and is quite near to Weston Grange.
Link to view west Alongside it stands a stone milepost that I assume predates the cast posts. The distance quoted on the stone posts Link to picture of old and new mileposts (and there are still a few along the canal - see milepost 0 at Shardlow) is one mile further than that on the cast iron posts and is the distance to Derwent Mouth and the start of the canal.