Milepost 0 ~ Shardlow

Link to picture of milepost The first and most easterly of the original milepost is in the heart of what, in the 19th century, would have been the very busy inland port of Shardlow. Anyone interested in finding out more about Shardlow and its history should visit the Shardlow Heritage Centre web-site at

It stands opposite Dobson's boatyard and the converted warehouses opposite still bear the signs of their original purpose.

An original milepost, this is one of three of the originals that differ from the rest in the shape of the plate that carries the initials of the company that cast them. On this post (and on that of milepost 2, 3 and 4), there is a square plate bearing the initials R&D. Compare this with the shape of the plate on milepost 1.

Alongside it stands a stone post that, I assume, predates the cast iron post. The distance on the stone post is the distance to Derwent Mouth and the start of the canal. There are a number of such mileposts remaining along the canal.