Concrete Mileposts

There was a handful of small concrete mileposts in existence during the time that I undertook my project to photograph the mileposts. I believe they were installed some time after the canal network was nationalised in 1948.

They show a single value in miles which measures from a point nearer the end of the canal than the original mileposts, possibly the flood-lock below Shardlow. As with the original mileposts, they don't measure all the way to the junction with the Trent at Derwent Mouth. It also looks like they were installed every half-mile given that those that remained included 11½ and 12½.

Given that some of these are not sited alongside the replacement versions of the original mileposts, it suggests that some of the replacements mileposts were sometimes placed near to features (locks or bridges) rather than geographical accuracy.

Unfortunately, a number of these have disappeared since I completed the project. Their status at the time of this update (February 2017) has been included below where known.

Concrete Milepost 01 Milepost 01 sits alongside original milepost 00 in Shardlow.
Concrete Milepost 03 Concrete Milepost 03 Milepost 03 is situated alongside original milepost 02 at Aston-on-Trent.
Concrete Milepost 05 Milepost 05 is somewhat different in that is much taller than the other posts. It is situated near to original milepost 04 which backs onto the Black Pool in Weston-on-Trent.
Concrete Milepost 11 Concrete Milepost 11 Milepost 11 is situated upstream of the road and rail bridges at Findern. It is upstream of original milepost 10, suggesting perhaps that the latter has been relocated nearer to the bridge than its original location might have been. It was still present, if a little worse for wear, in February 2017.
Concrete Milepost 11 1/2 Location of Concrete Milepost 11 1/2 Milepost 11½ was situated near between the villages of Findern and Willington. It was shortly upstream of where the entrance to Mercia Marina is today. By February 2017, it had ceased to exist.
Concrete Milepost 12 1/2 Milepost 12½ was situated on the straight section upstream of A5132 road bridge upstream of Willington. There was no sign of it in February 2017.
Concrete Milepost 14 Milepost 14 is situated near to original milepost 13 which sits just downstream of the aqueduct carrying the canal across the River Dove. It's distance from the original milepost suggests the latter have been relocated nearer to the aqueduct when it was replaced. The concrete post was still present in February 2017.