The Anderton Boat Lift

Including the Anderton Lift on this site is an indulgence, as it is located between mileposts 85 and 86. However, it is one of the two major engineering works along the canal (the other is the Harecastle Tunnel which has a milepost by each portal). As such, it cannot be left out so here it is.

The hydraulic lift was originally opened in 1875 to link the canal with the river Weaver which is 50 feet below the level of the canal. The lift was connected to the canal by a basin and aqueduct. Modernised and converted to electrical operation in 1908, the lift was declared structurally unsound and closed in autumn 1983.

In 1976, the lift had been scheduled as an 'Ancient Monument' by English Heritage. It is therefore fitting that it has been the subject of a substantial restoration project which culminated in its re-opening on 26thMarch 2002.

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The Anderton Boat Lift Boat Lift from the Weaver Link to picture of side view
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